About Maria

The art of furniture restoration

My work began with a passion and extensive experience of creating artisan furniture through refurbishment. From here I began creating unique pieces for clients, using the best quality materials and creating patterns and designs, with a specialism in floral and natural ideas. I also personalise items to customers’ personal specifications. I love to renovate furniture as this can give a tired piece a whole new lease of life! From painting and decoupage to complete reinvention of a piece, I create sustainable, thrifty furniture ideas that will transform your home, office, business or garden.

As my passion for my work grew, so did the scope of what I wanted to achieve. I want to share what furniture restoration teaches me; how to listen to nature, learn from the trees and cultivate a reciprocal relationship with our environment. Beautiful and quality furniture gives a warm and pleasant atmosphere to any environment, while also serving a practical purpose.

To share this passion and cultivate this relationship with nature, alongside furniture restoration I now also offer workshops for children, teaching them about sustainability, upcycling and a love of the environment.


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